Here are the rankings for MS in Computer Science for 2014


RankSchool nameScore
#1 Carnegie Mellon University 

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Cambridge, MA

#1 Stanford University 

Stanford, CA

#1 University of California—​Berkeley 

Berkeley, CA

#5 University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign 

Urbana, IL

#6 Cornell University 

Ithaca, NY

#6 University of Washington 

Seattle, WA

#8 Princeton University 

Princeton, NJ

#9 Georgia Institute of Technology 

Atlanta, GA

#9 University of Texas—​Austin 

Austin, TX


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Suspend OPT Program temporarily

March 14, 2014

Senator Charles Grassley has asked the Secretary of United States Department of Homeland Security to suspend the OPT program temporarily till all the OPT problems are fixed. This is a serious issue for foreign students who are planning to graduate and looking forward to Job Opportunities in US. This will all foreign graduate students to immediately […]

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GRE not an accurate gauge of students’ creativity and perseverance

March 11, 2014

The ACT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, OAT, and DAT are all terms we’ve heard at different levels of our schooling. As a junior in college, these post-high school standardized tests are coming up as a topic of conversation more often than not. As one of many students planning on going straight into professional school, these […]

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AdBlock Vocab for Chrome replaces online ads with GRE vocabulary words

March 10, 2014

Folks have been using AdBlock and similar tools to strip ads from webpages almost as long as there have been ads on webpages. But while many of those browser plugins will replace ads with a blank spot on the page, AdBlock Vocab aims to replace ads with something useful: GRE vocabulary words. Read More  

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GRE exam takers increase by 70% in India

March 4, 2014

The GRE Program has seen impressive growth globally in 2013, ending the year with the second highest annual GRE test volumes in the program’s history – 7,31,000.Volumes in the United States increased by 5 % and students in Europe and Asia tested in record numbers compared to 2012, with the most significant increase occurring in India.  Some notable trends in 2013 GRE volumes compared […]

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