Top 10 Foods to avoid in US

by admin on October 25, 2014

I wanted to write this article, since most students who come to US end up changing their diet. Students who come from the subcontinent struggle to adjust to the american food system. I am not saying all the students have to face this, but when I came here, I craved for Indian food for a long time. Now after 7 years, I have adjusted my diet and have a fairy healthy lifestyle. So let me get to the point here, when you come to US, you are bombarded with cheap fast food options, which are too convenient and easy on the pocket. But I would advise to stay away from unhealthy options and stick to healthy food. Here are my TOP 10 foods to avoid in the US.


1. Fast Food Burger

The average fast food burger is not healthy. Now I can list why, but I ll let you google that. 

2. French Fries

French fries can add inches to your waist in no time. Again google why its bad. If I can I usually substitute french fries with sweet potato fries, not sure if it is any healthier but it has less calories

3. Fast Food Pizza

 Most pizza franchises use really nasty chemicals to make their Pizza. These include preservatives, additives, MSG etc. Again very bad for your health.

4. Processed food

Any processed food is bad for you, this includes processed meat, processed fruit etc. It has high levels of sodium and sugar.

5. Non organic meat and fish

Most meat in the supermarket are non organic, they have high levels of grown hormones, pesticides, additives. These are obviously not good for you.

6. Non organic fruits and vegetables

Again lot of pesticides in these fruits and vegetables. Opt for organic or local farm vegetables and fruits

7. High fructose corn syrup

If your food has high fructose corn syrup, its bad. These cause cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. These are found in carbonated drinks, dairy products, cakes, donuts etc. Look for products with cane sugar. Cane sugar is much better, but still sugar is bad for you, and should watch the intake of sugar in your diet.

8. Hydrogenated oils

Don’t cook with hydrogenated oils. These include vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower flower. Instead use Ghee, coconut oil or olive oil.

9. Chinese food

Most Chinese food restaurants use very high levels of sodium and oil.  Please watch your chines food intake.

10. Carbonated drinks and fruit juices

Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and non natural fruit juices (supermarket juices), these have inhuman levels of sugar. Go for coconut water and plain water. 


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