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The new STEM OPT rule will be published tomorrow in the federal register. Here is the advanced copy of the rule


STEM Students will get 24 month OPT extension instead of the previous 17 month extension after the intial 12 month OPT period is over.

Congrats to all the students!!!




OPT Stem Rule Update

  • The deadline imposed by the court is May 12, 2016, but on 03/02/2016, the White House OMB approved this final rule. As soon as this final rule is published in the federal register, the final rule will be implemented. It is anticipated that the ICE will not take too much time to publish this rule in the federal register soon. Please stay tuned.

Source: http://immigration-law.com/


Proposed I-140 EAD Rule Clears OMB

OMB cleared the review of the new EAD for 140 rule

As part of the Obama’s modernization act, certain 140 approved folks will be eligible for EAD, this EAD will have less restrictions in terms of changing employers and getting promotions etc. Detailed interpretation will be available once the rule becomes law. Next step is the comment period which may take 30-60 days.

Some text from the rule

The rule would also “clarify the meaning of portable work authorization, and remove unnecessary restrictions on the ability to change jobs or progress in careers, as well as provide relief to workers facing lengthy adjustment delays.”



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