For folks who are in US and who are keenly following the immigration circus, which is being played in congress right now, will know that the house republicans refused to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year. Hence the President of Unites States in the beginning of the summer issued a statement saying that he would take executive action on immigration reform since congress has failed to do so. Then recently he reiterated the same during the NATO conference. And the latest being he has decided to postpone the action till after the November midterm elections which will be held on November 4 2014.

What is midterm election?

The senate in congress has 100 senators. 53 democrats, 45 republican and 2 independent. Each senator serves 6 years in congress. There are three classes of senators.

class 1 (33 senators) – 2012-2018

class 2 (33 senators) – 2008 – 2014

class 3 (34 senators) – 2010 – 2016

The midterm elections is for the class 2 senators.

On November 4th 2014 the elections will be held for 36 senators. 33 senators in class 2 and 3 vacant seats which occurred during the current congress. Out of these 36,  21 are democrats and 15 are republicans. Polls in early September indicate the GOP will make gains and perhaps take control of the Senate by gaining six seats.,_2014

The 21 democratic senators who will be in the upcoming elections have asked Obama to delay the executive actions, so that it doesn’t affect their chances of getting reelected. The reason being 6 of these senators are in states where the democrats don’t have clear majority and execution action on immigration reform will tilt the voters towards the republicans who are anti-immigration reform. Hence the President has delayed his actions. This doesn’t mean the President will take actions after the election, since he is been saying this from past 6 years and he is very good at breaking promises and playing with people’s lives.




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