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Free Profile Evaluation for MS in US depending on GRE,TOEFL, etc.

First step is that you probably have to apply to 6-8 universities.

2-4 top universities
2-4 medium universities
2-4 safe universities

this combination depends on your GRE score, TOEFL Score, Academics etc.

First, for shortlisting of universities depending on GRE score, you can use the link below

Universities based on GRE scores

Next for checking the rankings for your department or field of study you can go to

Click Here for Latest Rankings

For selection of safe universities you can go to the following post

List of Safe Universities

For MS in CS you can use the acceptance estimator(prepared by dept. of CS, UT EL Paso)

Click Here

To search for a program you can go to the following post

Search for MS Graduate Programs in US

You can also visit Tips for selecting a University based on your profile



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  • Anonymous

    >my gre 1080 q:750 v:330
    toefl 83
    ug:59.78 till seventh sem
    planning for telecommunications and EE plz suggest me some good universities

    • anonymous

      got gre score of 1100 in revised pattern…toefl yet to be taken..
      looking for masters in aerospace engg..plz suggets me the appropriate univ. and chances of getting scholarship..

    • Vijay


      I wanted to know whether u got admission or not. Am planning for ms in us and wanted some help regarding whether with low academic marks can we get admission in good colleges. And how can I make my profile better for admission.

      Plz help me out
      thx for ur time!!

  • Anonymous

    >my gre score is quant-700 verbal-570 and awa-4.0 could you please tell me if i could make it to any university in Chicago if yes which universities(looking for the CS courses)

  • Anonymous

    >My GRe score i 320 verbal and 650 in quant.
    Please let me know the unive for COmputer department.

  • Anonymous

    >My GRE score is 1140 quant-760 & verbal-380, 4.0 in analytical writing. 103 in tofel. 64% in engineering. Please list good colleges for computer sciences in USA.

  • Anonymous

    >hi ,
    i got 1150 in gre n 85 in toefl n i have 80% aggregate in ug, can you suggest good universities for civil engineering. can i get univ of colorado,boulder or north carolina state univ for this profile.

  • jitu99

    >hi univ of colorado and north carolina would come under difficult chances, u can get in texas tech university or IIT-chicago both are good for civil

  • Anonymous

    >My GRE score is 1330 ToEFL score 98

    wil b applying for PhD in Pharmaceutics

    B.pharm 68%
    M.pharm – 69 %

    Suggest me some colleges

  • jitu99

    >usc,univ of houston, texas tech, univ of kentucky

  • Blacky

    >hi my GRE score is 1050 q:700 v:350 TOEFL 96. plz suggest me some universities for MS in EE.

  • jitu99

    >univ of north texas, san diego state, fit, georgia state

  • ashwini

    >hii… my gre is 1210 and my toefl is 105
    acads 70% pls help me out with uni selection
    pls suggest me some good uni for my profile.. im aspiring for MS in Pharmacology and BIOTEChNOLOGY.
    pls suggest those uni which give more atress on toefl

  • jitu99

    >i am no expert in those fields so plz
    do a search for pharamacology and BIOTEChNOLOGY at

    or try f1study.com

  • Anonymous


    I got my GRE score(Q;640 V:490) Aggregate in BE(CS)
    is 73%,what are the chances in getting Arizona state univ,Univ of CA,Riverside ,Texas A&M to pursue MS in Computer science

  • jitu99

    >well my friend your verbal score is good but ur q score is less, ideally for these schools u would expect to have 750 or more, still if you want to try ur chance apply to ASU among these three. if you have done thesis or have national or international level papers u will have a higher chance of gettin in………..all the best

  • Anonymous

    my GRE is 1240
    MS in computer science.
    in top 20.
    great internship , SOP, LOR
    great gpa ,12th ,10th
    +permanent resident of USA
    chances πŸ˜•

  • jitu99

    >unless you have national or international level research papers, chances are slim, i would say rewrite GRE get something above 1400 to be safe, or apply to univs ranking between 30 and 75…………………..

  • Anonymous

    >my gre 1020 q:700 v:320
    toefl 90

    MS in Computer Science

    Can you please suggest me decent univ in US

  • jitu99

    >univ of north texas, georgia state

  • Anonymous

    >Hello πŸ™‚

    I am under serious confusion and was searching the net for some good advice when I came across this forum. I think I am on the right forum and I am really hoping that I can get the necessary help from you! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, coming to the point now! πŸ˜›

    I have done Computer Engineering from Mumbai University.
    My aggregate is 60% overall and in Final Year I scored 72.5%

    I scored 1260 on my GRE with a score of 760 in Quants, 500 in Verbal and 4.0 in AWA.
    My TOEFL score is 98 (R-24 L-22 S-24 W-28)

    I want to pursue my Master's in Computer Science. I am applying for Fall 2011 term.

    I am planning to apply to the following universities.
    Let me know whether I am going in the right direction or not. Also, if possible, suggest some universities that I should/can apply to.

    Here is the list –>

    1) University at Buffalo, SUNY

    2) Arizona State University

    3) North Carolina State University

    4) Oregon State University

    5) Portland State University

    6) Syracuse University

    7) Indiana University Purdue Univesity, Indianapolis

    8) University of North Texas

    9) Indiana University, Bloomington

    10) California State University, Chico

    11) University of Southern California, LA

    12) San Jose State University

    I am expecting a bit too much, but please, if possible, let me know asap as the deadlines of most of these universities are round the corner.

    Thanks in advance!! πŸ™‚

    • Samip

      Did you get an admit mate ? I need to touch base with you .

  • jitu99

    >I think the list is very much in sync with your profile, but I would replace 6, 7 and 10 with Virgina Tech University and Rutgers, State Univ of NJ, New Brunswick and University of Akron

  • Anonymous

    >Thanks a lot for your quick response. I'll surely consider the universities mentioned by you. But, please let me know which of the universities would be ambitious, safe or moderate for me in the above list?

    Also let me know the category for Virginia Tech, Rutgers and Uni of Akron.
    It will help me narrow my list and apply only to a select few.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

    My GRE score is 1230, QUANT: 780 VERBAL:450 AWA: 3.0 TOEFL: 114 UG: 58% (Till third year)

    I have selected the following universities, please help me decide on whether these universities are in sync with my profile and any other university which you would suggest in my case. I am applying for fall 2011, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. University if texas arlington
    2. University of South florida
    3. University of florida
    4. Rutgers, New brunswick
    5. University of Wisconsin Madison (I know dis is ambitious!)
    6. Virginia Tech
    7. Illinois institute of technology
    8. North carolina state university
    9. Arizona state university
    10. Texas A&M university

    could you also let me know if there is any chance of getting into california irvine or UC davis?

    I want to pursue MS in civil engineering


    my details :
    MS networking
    GRE 1250
    Decent RESUME ,SOP ,LOR from faculty,Corporate LOR (internship)
    International Conference -IEEE paper in the same field as MS.
    2-3 Projects
    top 10 possible?
    if not safe/dream/avegare colleges in case u can provide..


  • jitu99

    >Mr.24 i would replace texas a&m with texas tech univ, its good for civil, no. 5 is very ambitious, uc irvine and uc davis is also pretty tough to get in, replace no.5 with UT-Dallas

  • jitu99

    >@karan top 10 not possible, you can apply to virginia tech, SUNY- buffalo


    >hi again ,
    okay so according to you GRE is reeeeally important ??
    i mean what i heard is its 30-40 % in the criteria ,not more than that,thats what my consulting institution told me.
    And THEY DONT have a cutoff or something for GRE , its all mixed up selection…
    They do look for a lot more in research and SOP,LOR's …..

    anyway you can guide me into all this properly….? please πŸ˜€

  • jitu99

    >well your GRE tells lot about your verbal, mathematical and analytical ability, so if you cant score a high then its very difficult for you to study in the top 10, they dnt list a cutoff, tht doesnt mean u can get away with getting low GRE score, well along with your GRE you need to have very high GPA as well, which you hve not mentioned, all I am telling you is its always tough to get in the top 10 becoz ur competing with toppers from around the world, anyways all the best.


    just so u know-
    but my verbal is messed up its 490
    my quan is 760.
    My gpa is 3.6/4.0
    12th /10th std – 82/89%
    n i told u abt the research n IEEE paper already….+ gr8 SOP/LOR.
    Now guide me sir πŸ™‚

  • jitu99

    >ok dude i ll list out 10 univs where shld get admission.

    Arizona state university
    Iowa state university
    North carolina state university
    Virginia Tech
    SUNY- Buffalo
    University of South Florida
    Kansas State University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    University of Pennsylvania

    don't apply to all of them, apply to any three

  • jitu99

    >and one more thing a high GRE score doesnt guarantee admission in top 10 it only helps


    >thanks a lot.
    Georgia tech n Uni of penn ! WOW! πŸ™‚
    is ARizona state good? i mean is it worth ?
    + any tips u can give to apply for top 10-20.?
    i mean apart from high GRe what shud i concentrate on

    thnks once again πŸ™‚

  • shivani

    >dear jitu,
    i wanted to know that how much initial fees we are supposed to pay for an MS program in private university in USA?the college websites say about 50,000 $ and then they say u dont have to pay so much ,they give some teaching assistantship etc can u guide on the details please ?

  • Nilesh

    >Jitu sir,
    I had posted my profile and list of universities a few days ago, you had replied and suggested me a few more.

    I have revised my list and have provided more details.
    So, please advise me based on all the parameters.


  • Nilesh

    >Hello Jitu sir,

    Here's my profile–>

    GRE – 1260 (Q-760 [84 percentile], V-500 [63 percentile], AWA- 4.0 [45 percentile])
    TOEFL [iBT] – 98 (R-24, L-22, S-24, W-28)

    Undergrad studies:
    Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai
    Overall aggregate – 60.084%
    Final Year aggregate – 72.5% (Stood 7th in college)
    Semester VIII – 76.28%
    (Stood 4th in my college, 1st among boys Tongue, College topper % – 82% [2nd rank in Mumbai University])
    Scored the highest marks in a Semester VIII subject in my college (System Security -74/100)

    Extra-curricular achievements:
    Have done decently well in the game of Chess.
    Won many prizes at the inter-school, inter-collegiate level

    Areas of Interest:
    I want to do my Master's in Computer Science. I am NOT going to do Phd later. I am not sure of the specialization I would like to take, but I have interest in subjects like System Security, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Networks etc.

    Universities short-listed by me:
    Have categorized them according to my understanding –

    Ambitious Universities:
    1) Georgia Tech University
    2) Columbia University
    3) University of California, (either of LA, San Diego, Irvine)

    Moderate Universities:
    1) Rutger's, State University of New Jersey
    2) Virginia Tech University
    3) SUNY Stony Brook
    4) University of California, (either of Santa Barbara, Davis, Santa Cruz)

    contd in next post

  • Anonymous

    >contd from above

    5) University of Southern California, LA
    6) University at Buffalo, SUNY
    7) Oregon State University

    Safe Universities:
    1) San Jose State University
    2) Indiana University, Bloomington
    3) Syracuse University

    Please let me know about these universities and their categorization. Also, if there are more universities that I can consider, do let me know.
    Do I stand a chance of getting any type of funding (RA, TA, Scholarship)?
    I think my resume, LOR, SOP and other supporting documents are reasonably good.

    Considering all the factors, advise me on my chances of getting a good admit.
    Thanks in advance for your help πŸ™‚

  • jitu99

    >@nilesh I would remove bloomington and syracuse from the safe list and put university of north texas and univ of akron , bloomington is moderate univ for your profile and syracuse it is very expensive private university it is not worth the money, if money is not an issue consider Southern Methodist University it is a very good university for placements

  • jitu99

    >@karan get the letters of recommendation from professors who have atleast Phd, also if you have any extra curricular activities certificates that would be great, also if any social service done list them in the SOP.

  • jitu99

    >@shivani the private university fees can range from 15k to 50k a year, if you are too worried abt the fees consider a state university, there is no difference in the standard of education. students can get funding in lot of ways, start with a high GRE score and apply early, since most of the time it is first come first serve basis


    >Thanks jitu99!

    you are doing a nice work here….(respect)


  • Jagatya

    does it make a diff. during admission if you are a citizen of usa or an international student?

  • Anonymous

    >hi my gre score is 1400
    toefel is 110
    work ex 1 year as a software engineer in gurgaon
    done my btech with 78%
    internships in sap from nestle india
    done live project with microsoft on their latest technology multipoint.
    what colleges should i apply for ms in us

  • jitu99

    >@jagatya well the difference is you dnt hve to give TOEFL if you are a US citizen and the you have to pay in-state tuition instead of out-state

  • jitu99

    >I will only answer specific questions…….questions like wht univs i hve to apply cannot be answered since we hve more thn 3500 univs and its not an easy task

  • GREguy


    I gave the gre 3 days back
    Got 510 in verbal , and 760 Q =1270
    (You think i should i re-appear?)
    I have gpa 3.6/4.0. Also nice LOR's and SOP(i think)And some research papers (i think they help a lot)
    also i want to do MS in CSe
    Can i get into Penn state or rutgers with funding?
    My dream ones are princeton and harvard ,and [email protected] mellon.
    accept the gre score all is fine πŸ˜€
    please help, i have to decide so i can arrange funding accordingly ,THANKS !

  • varun

    my gre score is 1090(quant:770,verb:320),im doing B.Tech 4yr n my percentage till 4-1 is 72.

    i want to pursue masters in computer science for fall 2011.im interested in networking and security fields are the coll i selected gud for these fields…

    Michigan state university
    University of Kentucky
    University of Houston
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Missouri-Kansas city

    What chances do i have of getting placed into any of these universities… can u also suggest any other university with funding…

  • jitu99

    >@GREguy if you want get into a decent unive which u shld u shld probably aim for a higher GRE score anything above 1400 shld be good

  • jitu99

    >@varun funding with a low GRE score is always difficult still u can get funding frm the second semester, out of the univs in the list u shld get in univ of houston rest are hard to say, univs for networking and security not sure but I think these do provide some relevant courses

    stevens institute of technology
    florida state university
    george mason university
    newyork institute of technology

  • GREguy

    >Is stevens institute good ? i mean i have a lot of friends over there and all say is a nerd and smart people thing . Is is so? or is rutgers better?
    And yeah purdue and urbana champaign CS now no more want gre scores ,so what else is needed to ensure that we get in ?

  • jitu99

    >for your profile i can only recommend stevens rutgers is a difficult univ for your profile, purdue and urbana dont want gre scores but tht doesnt gurantee admission, they look at academics, research papers, social work, extra curricular activities etc

  • GREguy

    >yeah i do have research papers. International stuff.
    Also social work too.
    I will apply in fall 2012 , can u give me suggestions to improve chances in these two?
    i mean something i can still do..pls

  • jitu99

    get a GRE score upwards of 1400, get letters of recommendation from professors with Phd, get SOP evaluated from USEFI-United States Educational Foundation in India, they are the official Source of Information on US Universities for more info click on the link

  • Anonymous

    >hey my GRE scores is 1140 ( 750 quant and 390 verbal, 3 awa)…i m waiting for my TOEFL scores..
    hav a decent resume n profile..i m in my B.Tech final yr comp science with avg of 74% so far..
    hav 91% in 10th n 93% in 12th..
    plz suggest me few Univ which I can apply…

  • jitu99

    >university of nebraska- lincoln
    university of north texas
    wright state univ
    univ of texas- arlington

  • charan

    >1360 in gre.. acads 64 percent..
    iam applying michigan, pennsylvania, texas a&m, clemson.. whats my chance..? should i apply some more universities.. also help me with the deadlines.. please help with the good universities coz im really lost..

  • jitu99

    >@charan if u are applying for CS try this link

  • sandhya

    >any universities that pays more attention to a research background and good gpa rather than the useless GRE general test which is basically becomes an english test for indians? please let me know asap.

  • Anonymous

    I am No. 24 on this blog list. I have received rejects from ASU and IIT. These were comparatively safer universities as compared to the rest on my list. Could you please guide me as whether i should apply to anymore safe universities and if possible recommend some??

  • charan

    >iam looking for ee.. pls tl me about my chances for the above universities?

  • jitu99

    >@59 i had left a comment at no.26 and if you need some more then u can apply at SDSU, LSU, Univ of Houston- Clearlake, do ur own research befr applying

  • jitu99

    >@charan the chances are good but i would apply to couple of safe univs……

  • jitu99

    >@sandhya can u tell me the field of study

  • Naveen

    Hi Jitu, This is naveen from Hyderabad working in TCS and wanna apply for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2011. My Gre score is Quant:780 Verbal:550, AWA:3.5 and waiting for Toefl score which was written on 30th Jan.Completed my B.Tech with an aggregate of 68% and have Intermediate:93.5%, SSC:84.8% aggregates. Apart from acads i have 2 and half years of experiance in Tata Consultancy Services as Assistant Systems Engineer.Now am confused with the universities to apply. As the deadlines are all approching very fast, am in a desperate need of suggestion for Safe Universities. Could you please suggest me the list of safe and most probable universities which can give me financial assistance. Waiting for your response.

  • varun

    hai,my gre score is 970,a:650,v:320,toefl:88,b.tech c.sc.ug:55%,10&12:80%,86%.
    plz suggest me some colleges to apply for ms in software eng.affordable,chances of part time and if possible few indians around.

  • admin


    University of North Texas – CS
    University of Texas, Arlington – CSE
    Florida Atlantic University
    Florida International University
    Illinois Institute of Technology – CS

  • admin


    its really low GRE score but you still try ur luck at

    gannon university
    santa clara university
    north dakota state university
    university of dayton

  • varun

    k.are they semi urbans?can i get a part time easily?
    and wat do u think of georgia state univ,LAMAR UNIVERSITY ,TEXAS A&M U KINGSVLLE,CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY CANADA.can i get admission in them.

    • admin

      you have good chance of admission is all of those universities….I cant guarantee anything becoz there are lot of factors involved but still you have good chance…….

  • yash

    Hi Jitu, This is yash from Mumbai working in TCS from past 2 n a half years and wanna apply for MS in Computer Engineering for Fall 2011. My Gre score is Quant:790 Verbal:460(Total – 1250), AWA:3.0 and Toefl – 107, B.E – 70%. I looking for couple of decent(not safe), one or two pragmatic(say 50-50%) and few aspirational universities. Thanks.

  • admin


    university of north texas
    san jose state university

    wright state university
    university of central florida

    arizona state university
    virginia tech
    university of pennsylvania

    • yash

      Thanks a lot for replying but here are some of my concerns.

      arizona state university
      virginia tech
      university of pennsylvania

      none of the above Univ. offers computer engineering.

      central florida – Deadline passed

      I hope i am nt expecting too much but i would highly appriciate any further help. Thanks

  • admin

    arizona has computer engineering they call it MCS , this program offers computer engineering related courses

    Virginia tech has computer engg

    Upenn has it also its called
    Master of Science in Engineering in Computer and Information Science (MSE)

    I would suggest you to look at the courses offered rather than what they call their program, each univ has their own naming convention

    instead of central florida apply for

    deadline- http://www.iit.edu/graduate_admission/prospective_students/deadlines.shtml
    program – http://www.iit.edu/graduate_admission/programs/areas_of_study/computer_engineering.shtml

  • sajeeb

    Hi admin, I’m from Bangladesh. my GRE score is 1410. verbal-610, quantitative-800, analytical-3.00..I have passed my B.Sc. in EEE with a CGPA 3.71 . I have not seated for TOEFL instead I’ve done ielts & got 6.50 overall. Now I would like to apply in ms or Phd (depending on fund available)in US for fall-2011. Unfortunately, many good universities deadlines are over by this time.I’ve completed my sop and took 3 recommendation letters from professors. but I want to check my sop by someone who can evaluate it significantly.

    Now, Please, enlighten me by advising that which universities are safe, which are moderate & which are difficult for me to apply. please verify my sop if u can and also ensure me that do I need to seat for TOEFL or not. Anyway, I want Ur proper guidance so that I can through in US with funding.

    Here are my selected few universities in which still I can apply (rolling).

    1. University of north Dakota
    2. Oklahoma state university, Norman
    3. university of Texas, Arlington
    4. Louisiana state university
    5. university of Arizona, Tucson
    6. Texas tech

    what do u think? are they ok and safe for me? do u have any better suggestion? looking forward to ur reply.



  • admin


    1. University of north Dakota- safe
    2. Oklahoma state university, Norman -safe
    3. university of Texas, Arlington – moderate
    4. Louisiana state university – moderate
    5. university of Arizona, Tucson – moderate
    6. Texas tech – moderate

    you also apply for

    University of North Texas- safe (can get funding)
    San Jose State University – safe ( located in silicon valley good chances of Internships)

    you can visit a EducationUSA advising center for questions related to your SOP

    google it

  • yash

    Hi admin,

    I have gone through the deadlines of the colleges u have suggested ..here are the result..

    Arizona State University – Deadline: Fall = December 31st

    Virginiatech – Deadline: Fall = Dec 31

    University of central florida – Deadline – Jan 15th

    I am afraid .. is there anything left for my profile..?
    And yes thanks a lot again for your response..

  • admin

    @yash all the good universities have early deadlines

    you can still apply at

    university of north texas

    san jose state university

    northeastern university

    • yash

      Northeastern doesnt have an MS in CE option in their online application form(i have already dropped a mail to them regarding the same)
      San jose – I have already applied.
      North Texas is way too safe for my profile..I think so.
      Any more suggestions do u have(keeping the deadlines in mind) for some aspirational Universities where I do have a slight chance to get into.

  • admin


    florida institute of technology – april 1st is the deadline and they hve computer engineering

  • rakesh

    hi.iam having gre score-1000(quant-730,verbal-270).i have my btch (electrical&electronics)58%,with 4 backlogs,i need ur help to select univ in usa for ms(powerelectronics).
    please reply .

    please provide atleast 5 universities

    give me 1 univ with semister fee of rupees 1lakh-1.5lakh

    • admin

      @rakesh i dnt knw of any university where semester fees is 1-1.5 lakh, as far as i know the least shld be around 4000 dollars per semester, and those universities might not hve power electronics, well some universities which have courses related to power electronics are

      Florida International University
      Southern Illinois University Carbondale
      Texas Tech University
      Cleveland State University

  • Thanks man..do you have a list of universities that one can get for a score

  • sudheer


    my proifle is
    masters in computers

    can u suggest some good univ. for my proifle

    • admin

      university of north texas
      georgia state univ

  • sruthi

    Is there a possibility to get good universities based on toefl 100+ score and not considering the gre score,i got very less score in gre and my b.tech percentage is 60 and it may increse upto 65%.so please suggest me some universities where i can be placed

    • admin

      most universities need GRE score, you get in universities like university of dayton

  • Meghana


    I have scored 1350 in GRE(800 in quanti and 550 in Verbal)yet to write my TOEFL. I have 7.49/10.0 in Btech in ECE want to pursue MS in VLSI in US.
    Have sent my scores to the foll 4 universities..

    University of California,
    Stanford University,
    Pennsylvania State University, Park
    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Can u please tell me my chances of getting into these universities…please also tell me the my GPA out of 4.00……any better universities ….I have chances in….

    • admin

      you have moderate chances I cant say for sure, usually lot of other factors come in picture when u apply to top universities, your gpa out of 4 is 3

  • Mankirat Singh

    I really hope you can guide me through this one.
    My score in gre is as follows
    Verbal -640
    Awa -3.5
    Gre total -1410
    toefl-yet to give
    1 paper presentation in a college fest.
    I’ve sent my scores to these universities
    University of texas at austin
    Texas A & M college station
    University of houston-main campus
    University of delaware.
    Could you tell me where do i have a good chance of getting through with such a profile?

    • admin

      University of texas at austin- difficult
      Texas A & M college station- difficult
      University of houston-main campus- safe
      University of delaware- moderate

  • krishna

    iam plannin to apply for spring 2012.. my scores

    gre- 1410
    ielts- 7
    ug score_ 6.67/10
    backlog history – 5
    work exp- 1 year 2 months as a network engineer at a very good company
    interested in- computer engineering
    ccna certified..

    can i get into any of the below listed ones.. plz help me

    texas a&m college station

    north carolina state univ

    rutgers university ,newbrunswik

    arizona state univ tempe

    • admin

      texas a&m college station- difficult

      north carolina state univ- moderate

      rutgers university ,newbrunswik- moderate

      arizona state univ tempe- moderate

  • Praveena

    hey i applied for northern illinois university,Computer science.my gre score is-900(650-quant,250-verbal),toefl-85,engineering aggregate-65.55%,15months experience…

    Any chances of me getting admit from that university??
    pls do reply me..
    thank u in advance.

    • admin

      there is a good chance

      • Praveena

        Thank you very much.

        How long does they take to tell admission decision after sending all the documents??

        i really admit from niu.

        • admin

          it varies from university to university, but usually takes 2-3 months, or you can call the international admission office in the university

    • Rahul

      Hi. Actually, even i have the same GRE score range. Could you let me know, what colleges you applied for and the acceptance ?

  • krishna

    thank u for ur info.. can u suggest me good few other sure universities for comp engg major with my scores..

    • admin

      univ of virginia
      arizona state university
      SUNY -buffalo
      michigan state univ

  • rakesh

    iam gng to write gre on march 16.iam expecting score of 1000.i want 4 universities to send gre score .i have btech(EEE)58%.

  • ankyad

    i am going to write gre. i am doing btech in CSE from Uttar Pradesh technical university. My avg score is 71% uptil third year, with intermediate 81% and 10th score being 88%. I wud like to pursue MS in Artificial Intelligence or Computer Networks. Could u pls tell me some universities that wud suit my profile if I get a GRE score smwhere around 1300. I hav no research papers….

    • admin

      florida institute of technology
      university of tennessee
      university of georgia
      worcester polytechnic university

  • Praveena

    @admin: Thank you very much.How long does they take to email about admission decision?

    I just want admit from NIU.hope i get it.

  • Abinaya

    hi.. my gre score is 1160

    I got 85% overall in my undergraduate B.E electronics
    12th std = 95%
    10th std = 93%

    i have one year work experience in car multimedia field

    suggest me some good ranking US universities for my MS in electronics and communication

    • admin

      florida institute of technology
      univ of alabama huntsville
      san jose state univ

  • Swathy


    I have a GRE score of 1400 with 760 in quant and 640 in verbal. My UG gpa is around 3.1/4. I’ve got no job experience but I’ve submitted a paper and I’ve done an internship. I am looking for MS in engineering management. Can u suggest universities appropriate for my qualification.


  • Makarand

    Hi, my Gre score is 1320.I want to do MS in environmental.Do I have chances of getting into Purdue or Michigan state?

  • nitesh

    my eng aggegate is 65.
    my gre score is 950(q-620, v-330),
    i laso have 3 paper presentations…
    are there any chances of getting admitted to any university in us. I reported scores at folln univ-

    San jose state
    stevens int of tech
    poytechnic ny
    univ of north texas
    are ther any chances in above universities..
    can u plz suggest me some other safe universities…

    • admin

      San jose state – no
      stevens int of tech- yes
      poytechnic ny – no
      univ of north texas- may be

      • nitesh

        i wanted to try 1 more attempt for gre, but the dates are not availaible according to my schedule. So i am planning to give the revised gre starting from august.
        so how will they calculate my average gre score?…Will it affect my admission ?

  • Gauri

    Hi, my gre score is 1020
    i got 65% overall in my undergraduate B.E(chemical)
    12th std:74%
    10th std:78%
    i have no job experience…..have done various presentations and projects.

    I have applied for MS IN MATERIALS SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING to foll:

    I have applied for MS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING to foll:


    • admin

      you should get in

      univ of dayton, houston

      florida institute of technology and oklahoma state univ

      • Gauri

        Thank you!

        • Archish

          Hey gauri,
          I have a GRE score of 1290(V-520 Q-770) and TOEFL score of 108 with CGPA of 9.36. I am applying for MS in Materials science in
          U of cal irvine
          Univ of Texas austin
          U Cal Santa Barbara
          U Cal Berkeley
          U of Florida gainsville
          U of Michigan Ann Harbor
          Pl. Help me? Do i have a chance of gettin into any of these schools!!!

  • karthik

    hi ccan any one say me me some univ for MS in computer science for GRE 790 score and Toefl 72 score.

    • karthik

      my Btech 66.30
      12th -74%
      10th- 81%

  • priya

    hi my gre s 1210(440v+770q) my ug gpa s 9.0/10……..should i take gre again …. ll i get a decent good univ….
    … i have applied for georgia inst of tech,ASU,iowa state univ and ohio state…. ll i get

    • admin

      i think 1210 is a decent score, but u will not get funding

  • Sandipan Banerjee

    Hi Guys,had my GRE this Monday and I must say it went pretty well,managed a score of 1520(800Q,720V),AWA-Pending and I hope to get into a PhD Program at one of the Top 20 Universities in the US.So I really need some help in evaluating my profile:-

    BTech-National Institute of Technology(NIT),Durgapur,CSE,6th Semester
    CGPA-8.16/10.(Not one the top 10 in class )

    1.At Jadavpur University during Summer 2010 on Pattern Recognition.
    2.Will be doing at Indian Statistical Institute(ISI),Kolkata this summer on Pattern Recognition.
    3.My final year project which I’ll do at college itself on Data Mining.

    Paper : No paper published as of now but the JU one is scheduled to be published by this summer.

    LoR-Will hopefully get 4-5 great LoR’s from JU,ISI and NIT professors.

    10th-87.1%(2006) 12th-82%(2008) (Both under West Bengal Board and I must say its very hard to score high there)

    AIEEE(2008)-All India Rank of 8265,among the top 1%.

    Now am planning to apply to about 6 universities for PhD and I have made a list of 10 Universities and it would be great if you could help me short it down to 6:-

    1.CalTech(My Ultimate dream Uni)
    3.University of Wisconsin-Madison
    4.University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    8.Yale University
    10.Rutgers,New Brunswick

    Sorry for the long post guys,I hope you understand…am really in a soup right now

  • pavan

    I am pavan from india.

    GRE:1070(Q:580 V:490)


  • Ravi Teja

    Haii My gre score is 1290 quant-710 verbal-580

    10th – 85%
    12th – 89%
    Btech – 70%

    Won 2prizes in paper presentations..
    Board executive member of my college..

    I want to do MS in power electronics..Please guide me select good universities according to my score..

    Also if i do research on wavlet transformations in IISC kolkata..will it be an added advantage for me while selecting univ
    Because as my research paper is wavlet transforms but im applying for power electronics..will they consider that during evaluation of profile..

    Please clear me of these doubts..

    Can i get univ of california irvine..or else please suggest me some of good univ according to my score

  • mahesh

    my gre score is 1160.verbal 430 quants 730
    academic 77% toefl 95.i want to do ms in telecommunication.what are the universities would i get for above mentioned profile

  • venkatesh

    my gre score is 980.verbal 260 quants 720
    academic 77% toefl 95.what are the universities would i get for above mentioned profile

  • Abhishek

    My Gre score is Quant:690 Verbal:380(Total – 1070), AWA:3.5 and Toefl – 100, B.E(I.T.) PUNE UNIVERSITY – 57.2%. I am looking for couple of decent(not safe), one or two pragmatic(say 50-50%) and few aspirational universities. Thanks.

  • Ravi Yadav

    Dear sir,
    I have just completed the B.Sc. in biotechnology from the reputed university from India, and my CGPA is 3.2. My gre score is 1050 (v-300 and Q-750). Will you please suggest me the university of usa offering low gre score with environmental science/ environmental biotechnology course.

    Ravi Yadav.

  • Anonymous

    My GRE score is 1370 ( quant – 740 V – 630 ) and am applying for ms in ECE. My undergrad’s are pretty bad 55 % in E&TC from Pune university However, I have a relevant work experience of 4 years and therefore, Based on this profile, I had applied at pretty ambitious universities but got a rejection letter from all of these.
    1. Arizona state univ.
    2. Texas A&M
    3.UT Dallas.
    4. NCSU

    I am planning to apply in the coming spring semester and need some guidance as to which should be the universities that I fit in? Please help.

  • HakunaMatata

    I took my GRE this March and scored 1320(570-verbal,750-quant).
    I’m pursuing BE-Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani and will be graduating in December 2012.So I intend to take admission to MS in fall-2013.Please tell me what’s the right time to start applying to the universities in USA (if I want to apply or scholarship as well)and also for taking toefl.
    My profile goes like this:
    class 10: 94.6% (sub-district topper, ICSE)
    class 12: 89%(CBSE)
    BE-Hons(Chemical Engineering): 7/10 ( 5th semester, BITS Pilani)
    Paper published: at NIT-Warangal (Technozion-2009) on Biofuels and renewable energy
    Paper submitted: at IEEE Tencon-2010 on Market Survey of semiconducting industry
    Internships: 1.intern at Robosapiens,India during summer-2010,
    2.currently doing an internship with Catapult(a BITS alumni association) to help one of their partners set up a start-up ,
    3.joining Jindal Steels in summer-2011 as an intern
    Projects: 1. designing charge controllers for solar powered device using PSoC and LTSpice and PSpice
    2. application of softwares for computing fluid flow mechanisms (to be taken up next semester)
    Co-Curricular-activities: won prizes in dance, mime, paintings, office bearer in college dance club, core committee member of IEEE students section of campus.
    Thanks in advance !!

    • SurrealWorld

      I am a BITS Pilani Chemical Engineer too, with a current cgpa 0 7.07/10 after 5th semester. I’ll be giving my GRE this summer. Can you please tell me how your experience was with admissions? I would be really grateful if you could let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • ajay


    My GRE Score is 1140 (Quant-710 + verbal-430)and applying for masters in CS this year.
    TOEFL – 105
    Currently working as a Module Lead in an MNC and have 4 yrs wrk exp.
    Engg aggregate – 75%
    +2 – 85%
    10th – 91%
    I took GRE & TOEFL in 2009.. Could you please suggest any universities which might give me a scholarship?


  • salil

    sir my gre score is 670. quant 410 n ver 280 can you give me the name of universiteis who gave admisson on that score in us,uk.or canada……plz tell me.

    • admin

      the gre score is really very low, you try to apply to universities who dont need GRE click on the link below, its an old article and rules might have changed so do your own research before you apply.


  • Tahsin Rahman

    My GRE score is 1110( V 410+ Q 700 + A 3). IELTS 7. BSC in Materials Engineering. CGPA 3.08(65.6%). In which university should I apply?

    • admin

      well i m no expert in material science but here are the list of universities offering material science which should match ur profile, I dnt know the departmental GRE requirements you have to find it out yourself

      University of North Texas
      University of Idaho
      University of Vermont
      State University of New York at Binghamton
      University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • nisha

    Hi…my gre score is 1030..Bpharm 70%..toefl yet to write..which universiites should i apply?please sugst me..thnk you

  • Madan

    My GRE score is Q780 V680
    UG cgpa is 8.4
    10th 88%
    12th 83%
    What are my chances with top 20 univs for electronics engineering
    planning to do internships or project in summer

    • admin

      you have good chances in the top 20, but i m not sure if you will get funding

  • Madan

    which would be the safe univs i can go to ?

  • Ram


    My GRE score is V-410, Q-750,AW-yet to recieve
    Yet to take TOEFL.

    10th – 90%
    12th – 93%
    UG (B.tech IT) – 8.3/10
    Presented one paper at international conference.

    Please let me know what are my chances of getting into Illinois – Urbana Champaign, Texas Dallas for MS in Computer Science?

    What are the safe universities to apply?

    • Ram

      Got my score today. Analytical -3. Verbal – 410. Quants – 750.

      I have one year work exp in IT field.

  • hi,
    My score is Q-750,V-300,AWA-yet to receive.
    yet to take toefl.
    10th – 88%
    12th – 93%
    UG (B.tech Mech) – 71%
    Presented 13 papers at IIT G,Bits goa and many other deemed univ and won 1st prize in jntu hyd.
    wanna do MS in Mechanical engineering.
    Please let me know what are my chances of getting into University of houston-houston,kansas state university,university of texas-el paso,university of north texas,oklohoma state univ-still water,Texas A&M college station,Auburn univ,Univ of akron,Mississippi state univ,

    What are the safe universities to apply?

  • sarayu

    my GRE score is 1310(770Quants + 540 Verbal)and my TOEFL score is 108.
    My GPA is 8.6/10 applied for MS in electrical engineering in,
    SUNY buffalo
    Louisiana state university
    University of southern california
    University of florida.
    Can you pl suggest me the university that i may get…. also about the academic difficulties in each university

    • admin

      you can get admission in all four univs, academic difficulty cant be judged based on the university, its more course based, some courses might be tough some might be easy depending on how the professor wants to go about it. Some courses have tests some dont, some have open book and some dont so it varies accordingly.

  • Som


    My GRE score is V-430, Q-680,AW-3
    Yet to take TOEFL.

    10th – 85%
    12th – 85%
    UG (B.E ENC) – 70.07 aggregte

    Having 5+ yrs of exp in avionics testing

    Please let me know the safe/moderate/dream universities to apply (MS in embedded/avionics)?

    • som

      …… for the 2012 spring admission

  • swathi

    I have received admits from the following universities for this fall (fall 2011)
    1.unviversity of texas, dallas (UTD)
    2.University of colorado, Boulder (CUB)
    Kindly help me in finalising my destination..
    following are my priority in order
    4.COST is not a problem

    Your prompt reply will be of grat help to me..
    thanks in advance

  • vipul

    My GRE score is 1080 (Quant:750 & Verbal:330)
    As my verbal is less is there any chance for me to get admits in good colleges??
    I am looking for:
    North Carolina State Univ
    Univ of Texas Dallas
    Buffalo Univ New York

    Please suggest me if my score is ok and can i apply with it.

    • admin

      you aiming too high, its difficult to get into these universities with your profile

  • jagriti

    I gav ma gre exam a week ago n i got 1240,780 in quant n 460 in verbal.my gpa is 7/10 n i m from NIT Silchar.i m currently workin on 3 projects related to electrical n com.sci…..pls suggest me any 10 universities where i sud apply.plz plz

  • Anurag

    could you please suggest me Universities for EE in TELECOM or VLSI or OPTICS or WIRELESS for SPRING 2012;

    B.Tech:ECE;73% aggregate

    International publications:1(on RF-MEMS)
    Internships: 2

    and where i could get some good TA or RA or aids?

  • s

    toefl-yet to take
    Btech CSE-9.1/10 till 6th semester
    12th(state board)-93%

    planning on doing a research paper on cryptography under a professor from my college. ROC from professors in my college (one under whom i’m doing my 4th year project, one research professor and the other one who took a subject for me)
    Do i have chances of getting through in top 10 universities for MS in CS for 2012 fall? i’ll be looking for placements after MS. Can you list universities which are super-good in that aspect?

  • Kriti

    My GRE score is 1130 (quant:770 and verbal:360)
    B.E (ECE):79.2%
    12th: 84.2%

    I want to pursue my MS in EE(Telecom/Microcomputers).
    I also have a work experience of 1 Yr in Software and IT industry.
    Projects during engg: 3
    Internship done in NSN in mobile communication.
    Which all universities can I apply to?Is my GRE score low?

  • Sneha

    Hi. My GRE Score is 1400(Q-790,V-1610) TOEFL Score:107 B.E 73% 12th-90% and 10th-86%
    I am planning to pursue my MS in EE. Can you suggest me some universities for the same and also univ’s where i could get funding? Thanks in advance..

  • chinni

    Hi my GRE Q-640,V-320 TOEFL-95 B.tech 71% can i get scholarship and suggest me some universities.

  • Yusuf

    hi my gre score (q-720 v-280 total -1000) B.E 78% 10th 72% 12th 88%
    in which univ can i get into ? plz help me

  • Yusuf

    hi my gre score (q-720 v-280 total -1000) B.E 78% 10th 72% 12th 88%.. i wanna do M.S in computer science engg
    in which univ can i get into ? plz help me

    • admin


      you apply to

      new jersey institute of technology
      university of north texas
      florida state university
      san diego state university

      • Yusuf

        among those universities which university i ll get admit (tell me in easy,moderate,hard)?
        thank u!!

        • admin

          new jersey institute of technology – easy
          university of north texas – moderate
          florida state university – moderate
          san diego state university – moderate

  • ravi reddy

    hi, My name is Ravi kumar reddy . Im intended to apply for MS in Computer science. Can i get admit in Univ’s below with my profile here :
    GRE : 1050 ( Q: 670, V: 380, AWA: 3)
    Toefl : 86
    B.E : 60% ( 6 backlogs)
    1yr experience as a S/w developer.
    +1yr experience in LRDE (Defense R&D Org, Govt of India) as a S/w developer. Please do reply sir.

    Univ’s: San jose state univ,
    steven’s inst. of tech
    southern methodist univ,
    wayne state univ

  • admin

    @ravi reddy

    Univ’s: San jose state univ- moderate
    steven’s inst. of tech – easy
    southern methodist univ – moderate
    wayne state univ- easy

  • Rizwin

    My area of interest is MS in Computer science or Electrical Engg. in VLSI. My profile is :
    GRE : 1220 ( Q: 800, V: 420, AWA: 3)
    Toefl : will be writing in Sept.
    CGPA: 7.97
    no work experience.
    Have 5 research papers and completed 3 projects in university.
    I would like to apply to:
    1. Univ of Texas, Dallas
    2. Univ of Cincinnati
    3. North Carolina State Univ
    4. Univ of Florida
    5. Iowa State Univ
    6. Univ of Utah
    7. Arizona State Univ

  • reena

    gre- 1380 , toefl- 102
    cgpa- 8.2
    10th – 86 %
    12th- 92 %
    One published international paper proposing a new anonymous routing protocol.
    Four projects- one major, and three mini projects.
    A member of VSO – community service every weekend.
    Certificate course in network management.
    Two certificate courses in 3d graphics- 3Ds Max and Maya.
    Won national level competition which required programming a game in C language on a microcontroller.
    A workshop on making a DTMF controlled robot.
    Infosys campus connect training on soft skills.
    A little bit of extra curricular activities.
    Beagleboard workshop.
    Participated in Innovent, national programme and successfully created a 7 segment display unit.

    please suggest if these universities that i have selected are okay.

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    Pennsylvania State University
    Rutgers University New Brunswick/Piscataway
    SUNY Buffalo
    SUNY Stony Brook
    University of Maryland College Park
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Southern California
    University of Texas Dallas

    thank u.

  • deepu

    i got gre 980 and awa 2.5 can i get a seat in cleveland state university
    i have an aggregate of 73 in my btech no backlogs i am planning for my ee

  • Namrata

    Hi ,

    I hold a B.tech in Information Technology and would like to pursue MS in Computer Science.
    I recently gave my GRE and scored 1400 ( 750-Q and 650 – V ) , AWA – 3.5. I will be giving my TOEFL in a few days.
    I have a GPA of 2.97/4.00 with 8 backlogs in the 2nd trimester.
    I have 1 year of work experience in a leading IT company, and would complete 2 by next fall.
    I have not published any papers and have a very average profile.
    Kindly suggest some universities where I hold a good chance of securing admission.
    I have listed below the universities I am planning to apply to:
    SUNY Buffalo
    John Hopkins
    North Carolina State University
    University Of Minnessotta (Twin Towers)
    University Of Florida
    National University Of Singapore

    I am really worried about the backlogs blowing off my chances of securing admission in a good university.
    Kindly add a few unversities of your own which you think would be safe.

    Thanks a Lot!!!

  • Dhiman Das

    Hello Sir,

    My details are as follows:
    GRE- 1450(V-650,Q-800,AWA-3,5)
    CGPA-7.49/10,no backlogs.

    I have work exp of 1 year and is currently working as a research intern.
    Currently,I have two research papers that are under review.
    Universities that I have shortlisted for spring 2012 are-
    University of Winsconsin-Madison.
    Texas A&M University
    University of Florida
    Lousiana State University
    State University of New York at Buffalo
    Please evaluate my changes.

  • Chiyaan

    Hello Sir,
    My details are as follows:
    GRE- 1050(V-710,Q-340,AWA-awaitin)
    TOEFL-to b taken
    Overall GPA-6.5/10
    I hold a B.E in ECE and would like to pursue MS in Industrial Engineering.
    Projects-2 major,2 mini
    Trainee at AAI
    1 North Carolina State Univ
    2. Univ of Florida
    3. Iowa State Univ
    4. Arizona State Univ
    5.Univ of nebraska-lincoln
    6. SUNY buffalo
    7.Wayne State Univ
    8. Univ of massachusstes-amherst

    Which univ would u suggest me to apply??

  • tapaswi

    my gre is 950 q 600 v 350
    toefl yet to take
    b tech 60%
    branch EEE
    which univs do it get for ms in EEE?

  • Hello Jitu Sir
    My profile is as mentioned below:
    GRE –1400 (Q-800, V-600, AWA- 4.0)
    TOEFL [iBT] – 98 (R-24, L-22, S-24, W-28)

    Work Experience: 1 Year as Scientist/Engineer in ISRO

    Undergrad studies:
    Avionics Engineering from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
    CGPA: 8.96/10
    Final Year aggregate – 9.4/10
    Semester VIII – 9.8/10
    Internships: 2 [in ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore]
    Projects :3
    Paper Presentations: 3 [Inter College Level Conference]

    Extra-curricular achievements:
    Chief Coordinator of College Technical Festival
    Won many prizes at the inter-school, inter-collegiate level
    Member of College Cricket Team
    Active Social Service background

    Areas of Interest:
    I want to do my Master’s in Electronics/Electrical . I have interest in subjects like Embedded Systems, Control Systems and Digital Electronics

    Universities short-listed by me:
    Have categorized them according to my understanding –

    Ambitious Universities:
    1. Carnegie Mellon University
    2. University Of Maryland College Park
    3. University Of Texas At Austin

    Moderate Universities:
    1) Pennsylvania State University –Univ Park
    2) Texas A & M College Station
    3)Ohio State University

    Safe Universities:
    1. University at Buffalo, SUNY
    2. University of Delaware
    3. University of Florida
    4. University of Illinois at Chicago

    Please let me know whether I stand a chance in these Universities with the above profile. I am desperately looking for Financial aid, so plz tell me in which Universities above, I may get aid

    Thanks in advance for your help πŸ™‚

  • Shivakrishna

    hiiii PLZ help me
    im shivakrishna
    i got my gre 1070 qnts 780,verb 290
    my b.tech agre 61% upto 3-2 i hope end of the 4-2 i b get 66%
    my 12th 79%
    10th 75%

    plz help me in finding the universitys

  • Shyam

    MS (Computer Science) – Georgia state univ – Atlanta

    I did my under graduation from India. I did my B.Tech with Electronics and communications (ECE) specialization. I am planning to apply for MS computer science to Georgia State University, Atlanta. I find from their web site that I need to get all international academic documents (transcripts, mark sheets, certificates, leaving examination results, etc.) be formally evaluated by Josef Silny & Associates

    When I went to Josef Silny & Associates web site, I find the following two options. I am bit confused as to which one is required for admission into a graduation course into Georgia university. I would appreciate if you could kindly clarity which option is to be selected by me from the following:

    U.S. $80.00 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form.)

    Engineering Course-by-Course
    U.S. $300.00 basic fee (it covers the evaluation of all academic credentials submitted with the application form.) The fee for each additional State Board of Professional Engineers is U.S. $300.00. Please indicate the state.

  • rasagna


    I need info regarding masters in robotics.Iam from india.Iam very much passionate to robotics.I did my btech with Electronincs and communication enginnering as major.Please guide me in this.
    I have got a GRE score of 1110,Toefl IBT score-89,my btech percentage-80% and i have a work experience of 3.6 months as Software engineer.


  • Bala

    I graduated from CEG,Anna univ this year.. I have 68% in UG ,91 and 92 % in 10th and 12th.. I did not get my final semester marksheet as i did not clear one paper. Can i apply to the universities with 7th semester marksheet?? I have one backlog in 7th sem //So can i apply with that current one arrear marksheet?? Are there chances of admit if i apply with one present backlog transcript?? plss reply

  • Pankaj

    Hello sir,
    Please suggest me 5 universities for my profile
    GRE- 950 (Q 720, V 230, AWA 3.5)
    Acads- 73.20%
    Can you tell me if i can get in this universities….
    please say me whether they are safe or moderate for my profile….Thanks πŸ™‚
    If you can give me some universities list for my profile, i would be very glad to look at it… Once again thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  • rishabh

    hello sir !!
    my scores are :
    GRE – 1040 ( quant -740 ,verbal -300 , A- 2.5 )
    10th -84 %
    12th -69 %
    b-tech (ECE) -7.8/10
    placed in WIPRO technologies

    i want to do MS in electronics and communication
    Is my score enough to apply in some respectable universities ..
    if so pls suggest me some universities …
    pls sir i’m really very much interested for my MS ..
    please reply .. pleaseeeeee sir πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • admin

      well you can get admission , but these will be tier-2 universities like university of north texas, san diego state university, university of dayton, florida institute of technology, university of texas- arlington etc. The course work is very limited in some of these universities, as long as you know what courses you would like to study then it should be all good, browse the course catalog and then decide on the university

      • rishabh

        thank you very much sir πŸ™‚
        can u please tell few more universities name. i’ll search the course work myself.

  • babbu

    GRE: 1000
    IELTS:6.0 suggest me for which universities are suits to my profile for spring 2011

  • rishma

    i got a GRE-1050 verbal-320, Quant-730,i jus got my toefl score of 91..plzzz can u suggest some good universities that i can easily get through with the admissions??easily as in sure shot universities..plzzz rply soon..

  • camel


    Can you please suggest me some universities to apply for atmospheric sciences (environmental fluid dynamics)? I’m searching all over and finding it really hard to compare because i’m not able to find profiles with similar interests!

    my major: Mechanical
    UG NIT allahabad 7.24/10
    GRE- quant(790) verbal(410) AWA-4
    1 international publication (AIP) was on FEM related to thermal
    1 yr work exp in HVAC with a qatar based construction company, doha
    3 projects, decent extra curricular profile..

    i’ve sent my toefl scores to Arizona state university(mech), University of California, Irvine (Earth system Science), Uni of houston (aerospace), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ( Atmospheric Sciences), colorado state university (atmospheric sciences).

    though the departments seem random, I’m applying trying specifically to specialise in environmental fluid dynamics

    anticipatin your advice,
    Thanks… πŸ™‚

  • Asif


    My credentials are:

    CGPA= 3.81/4.00
    GRE= 1310 (V = 520, Q= 790, AWA = 3)
    TOEFL = 104
    * 8 months teaching experience at lecturer position
    Want to do MS in Electrical Engineering in USA

    Please suggest me some university which will be safe for me (admission+ funding)
    Thank you in advance

    • Rehan

      hey asif,
      I am Rehan.How did you calculate GPA. I have 65.94% where do i stand on 4.0 scale.

      Please compose your hands on this

  • KVK


    I Have a low score in my gre . Since the deadlines are rolling am planning to apply with my score ( v-370 , q-580,a-2.5) , BE. 64%
    12th 87 % 10th 72 % toefl din get my scores yet .

    I’ll be havin 10 months of work experience from Fidelity Investments .

    Am applying for
    1. UNiversity of north texas
    2.Texas A&m kingsville
    3.florida institute of techno logy
    4.Arkansas state univ .

    What are the chances of me getting thru ?

  • vishal

    toefl still awaiting
    BE from MU till 6th sem-68%
    1 year internship
    planning to apply for fall 2012
    I want to pursue MS in telecommunication particularly in the wireless field. Which universities i should apply and which could be safe universities for me.

  • jay_d

    i have got 1320 in gre(Q-800,A-3.5) and my engg avg is 78.18%(EXTC-dept.).
    i dont know abt the specialization courses in ece and which universities to apply for ?

    please help

  • Raja

    My profile for MS in EE – VLSI /DSP
    GRE July 10, Q 790 V 650 T 1440 AWA 2.5
    TOEFL 30 each RWL 23 in V Total 113
    B Tech from NIT Calicut CGPA 7.76 Last 2 semesters 8.53 and 9.6
    Good SOP and LORs from college Professors.

    Got rejects for FALL 2011 from NCSU, UTDallas, IOWA State,TAMU,Univ of Rochester – reasons not known

    Considering applying in Univ of Cincinnati, Univ of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Univ of Illinois UC, Arizona State Univ, Ohio State Univ,
    SUNY Buffalo.
    Can U kindly evaluate my profile and give suggestions on the above Us and somemore moderate,safe Us.
    what is my CGPA on scale 4.

    Shall be grateful for an early reply.
    Thanx and Rgds

  • Diya


    My profile is as follows:
    GRE: 1190(V=400,Q=790)
    TOEFL: yet to take
    Will have 1.5 years of work experience by next fall.

    I plan to pursue MS in MIS for Fall’12.
    Kindly suggest me universities with the above details.

  • Anish


    I have taken my GRE 2 months back with a score of 1340(Q=790;V=550;AWM=4);TOEFL=103; B-Tech(7.48/10);12th=93.33%;10th=84%.

    I wish to do MS in Embedded sys and Robotics or any ccourse which has these subjects(since I have seen few universities with subject like Control, Dynamic and Robotics sys).

    Please suggest me some universities as hard, moderate and safe. It will be really useful for me. The universities I have shortlisted(not in particular order) are –
    UC Irvin
    U. Texas Austin
    Penn State Univ
    Minnesota College Park
    Maryland College Park

    Please suggest on these.

  • adi


    Please suggest universities for MS , Computer Science Fall 2012 based on your evaluation of my profile-

    GRE Score : 1420 (800 Quant 620 Verbal) 4.5 AWA
    TOEFL Score: yet to appear.
    Undergrad Percentage and Academic record : 80% , top 5 in department, scholarship in 1st year.
    Projects : Several technical projects with two industry internships and two full research projects in final year. Yet to publish.
    Work Experience : 1 yr by the time of admission , i.e. Fall 2012 , working with a global software product company.

    Thanks in Advance

  • nxxs

    GRE 1290 ; V 550 ; Q 740 ; AWA 3.0
    10th : 86
    12th: 88
    undergrad upto 6th sem is 77.9% …topper’s is 90 % (CSE branch)
    can u assess my profile plz ??????????

  • Strafer

    Hi ,

    Im in a B.tech in ECE from Jntu hyd and would like to pursue MS in Wireless comm/Telecomm programs.
    I recently gave my GRE and scored 1230 ( 680-Q and 550 – V ) , AWA – 2.5. I will be giving my TOEFL in a few days.
    My Undergraduate % upto 3rd yr is 68% (toppers grade-88%)

    Kindly suggest some universities where I hold a good chance of securing admission.
    I have listed below the universities I am planning to apply to:

    SUNY Buffalo
    university of dallas ,texas
    university of texas,arlington
    Arizona state university
    University of houston main campus

    kndly add a few unversities of your own which you think would be safe for any of the (wireless /telecomm) mentioned above

    Thanks a Lot!!!

  • mohit agarwal

    Hello Sir,
    My GRE score is 990(quant 690 verbal 300 analytical 3.0) BE-75 percemt 12th -70 percent 10th-80 percent .i have a 2 yrs exp in TCS.Can you suggest me some colleges for admission in MS Computer Science with this profile.It will be a great help.

  • Sammy

    My GRE score is 1200 (800Q+400V) PRETTY LOW πŸ™
    BE in Electronics and communication engineering with 84 %

    I want to pursue MS in Computer Science.Can u please suggest me some universities which encourage shifting to Computer Science from a different background.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Sammy

      I dint take TOEFL yet.AWA -3.0
      Presently working for Accenture.experience -4 months.Want to apply for fall 2012

  • nithin

    my gre is 900 and gpa is 59% suggest me the universities

  • nxs

    my GRE score is 1290.. Q : 740, V : 550.. AWA 3.0

    78% upto in 5/7th semester.. topper’s is 89%.. in engg CSE..
    10th n 12th 86% n 88% respectively..
    evaluate my chances plzz.. for fall

  • sandeep

    my gre score is 1150(quants:750,english:400)
    i would like to do masters in ee can u recommend me some colleges with fundings

  • sandeep

    my gre score is 1150(quants:750,english:400) toefl:96
    i would like to do masters in ee can u recommend me some colleges with fundings

  • Shrey Mehta

    Hi I gave my GRE in New Revised Pattern on 26th Sept.
    I got Score Range as follows
    I want to pursue Masters in Computer Science From US.I want to enroll for Fall-2012.
    I have following academics.
    B.Tech( C.S)-2010 = 65%
    12th = 71%
    10th = 74%.
    I have 2-3 months Job exp & till the time of admission it can 6-7 months.
    Kindly tell me the Names of the safe university.

  • vid99

    My profile details are as follows.Gre-1050(v-390,q-660,AWA-3.0),Toefl-90.B.E aggregate -66%.SSC-75%,HSC-74%.Have a technical paper relevant to my field presented at the national level.I am looking for an MS in Biomedical (fall 2012).I have listed the following universities.Please do guide on my probabilities of getting an admit on the same.
    University of Texas Arlington
    University of South Carolina
    San Jose State University
    Texas tech University
    University of Texas A& M college station
    Please do reply for the same.shall be grateful for an early reply.

  • chillu

    Hey! I have a decent GRE score q700 v310 awa:3.5
    Toefl is 92.
    I have shortlisted the following.
    Florida State Univ
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    University of South Florida
    University of Texas Dallas
    In all the above i am planning to apply for MS EE.
    Is it the right choice for my profile?
    can u pls suggest anyother univ that matches my profile?
    Have presented a few papers.
    Undergone In Plant-Training(Airport and Delphi-TVS)

  • yogaditya

    mechanical U.G -67,
    GRE-1080- 780:300,
    IELTS- 7
    please suggest universities from the following


  • ram

    Hi this is ram, I have taken my GRE test with the new pattern and I have scored 670-770 in quants and 300-400 in verbal. I did my B.tech in ECE and have a CGPA of 89%. My 10th and 12th percentages are above 90%. Iam a working professional in the field of Information and Network Security. I want to pursue my M.S. in Information Security. Which universities can i opt for???
    Pls do suggest me regarding this.

  • khushboo jogani

    my agg is 54%
    gre and toefl yet 2 b given
    plzz suggest some good universities for telecommunication management and financial engineering

  • sudhir

    my gre score is 1100
    v-570 and quant-530,toefl-87
    will i b able to get through the below univ.
    west virginia university
    university of akron
    csu fresno

  • sunil

    Dear Sir,
    GRE: Q:770 V:310 AWA:2.0
    UG in CS:63% till 3rd year and 2 baclogs
    IELTS: 7

    planing to pursue MS in CS.can u please help me out in suggesting the college in safe,moderate and risky type.thank you!!

  • dilip
  • Aparna

    I want to do MS in computers.
    My profile is
    10th: 78%
    UG: 78%
    GRE: 930(V 320, Q 610), AWA:3.0
    and gave some paper presentations.
    please suggest me some universities in California accepting this score..
    It will be great a help

    • Aparna

      MS in computer science*

  • vinisha


    I am planning to apply for MS in CS for fall 2012. I have 2 years of IT experience from a very good IT firm.

    My revise GRE score is:

    Verbal: 138
    Quant: 158
    AWA: 3/6

    10th percent: 92%
    12th percent: 87%
    UG GPA: 3.75/4

    Could you please tell me what are my chances for USC and SJSU.. Also please suggest me some universities of my caliber.

  • Harsha

    Hey guys… I wanted to apply for MS Mechanical/Material Science/Aerospace for Fall 2012.
    I am giving GRE on 16th Dec and TOEFL on 11th Dec.
    Expecting GRE score around 1100-1300.

    The thing I am worried about is, the university deadlines.
    What universities do I still have the chance ? , wherein assuming I get the GRE scorecards on 1st week of Jan 2012, what all univs can I apply ?

    I am looking for research based MS (not course based) and more preferably Phd directly (If I have the chance).

    My profile is
    74% B.Tech Mech Engg (till 6th sem, from KL University,Andhra Pradesh).
    Good research work :4 papers in international journals and 1 paper in intl conference. (2 more under review).
    Good SOP and LoR’s.
    12 th : 79%
    10 th : 84%
    Internship at Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML) and Mahindra & Mahindra (R&D).

    Please suggest me the suitable universities for my profile.( keeping the deadlines in mind)

    Thank you

  • Amol

    I have completed my Diploma in Electrical Power System & BE in Electrical Engg. with first class.

    Currently working in service utility, want to do MS in Electrical Engg. with Specialization in Power systems.

    Can u plz suggest me Universities ?, I’m considering payment fees with scholarships & Education loan.


  • fall2012

    10th – 87%
    plus-2 – 89%
    B.Tech (CS) – 71%
    GRE – 300 *(new pattern)
    TOEFL – 106
    21 months work ex in top IT company

    planning for fall 2012
    can you pls suggest a few ambitious/good/safe univs?
    What are my chances at Oregon State Univ? (i’ve applied only for dis till nw)

    appreciate your advice πŸ™‚

  • Hi……
    My GRE score is 1000
    Can u please suggest me in which universities will i get admission foe electronics dept specialization Tele Communications…….

  • i got 1130 in gre and 86 in toefl,i hav applied in boston and newyork based universities but want to apply in other part of USA.I am applying in MS BIOTECH,please kindly help me out .

  • Rishabh Jain

    Hi , i m looking to apply for fall 2012 session . my gre score is 303/340
    (new scale ) . ..in old scale it is 1120 . awa – 3 and toefl -98 ( ibt)
    please suggest me some univs

  • Rehan

    I have gre-300 and ielts -6.5
    b-tech 65.94%, intermediate-78.9% and tenth-75.6%

    I want to pursue masters in electrical engineering.Can you suggest me US universities which matches my profile.I am looking for fall 2012.

    Please give your suggestions.

  • priya

    hi sir..
    my profile is
    gre :1210(v-440 and q-770) awa:3
    work experience:none
    projects: final year project
    I wanna do masters in computer engineering
    the univ am applying are
    georgia institute of tech
    univ of wisconsin- madison
    univ of florida-gainesvile
    univ of arizona
    ohio stae univ
    iowa state univ
    univ of marylannd-college park

    what are my chances in these univ sir.. can u pls suggest me some univ.. and what are the safe ones in this list..

  • Royale

    Hi ! I scored 1280 in gre (740 + 540) dint write toefl, acads 64% wid around 7 backlogs . Wud i get into UT, dallas??

    • Royale

      Btech in EEE, luking for MSEE…

  • suma

    hi i am suma and i would apply for university in us for fall 2014 in computer science and I have a gre score of 1020 and toefl score 89 with intermediate 84.9% and tenth with 80.66% and my bachelors degree with 72.41% in information technology branch and I will have a 2 year experience in Mahindra Satyam company. What are the universities I can probably get with my score.Please list them.Atleast 6 of them please.

  • pushkar

    GRE 299/340
    verbal 142
    Quants 157
    AWA: 3.0
    TOEFL:89 (R-23,L-19,sp-23,wr-24)
    SSC 82%
    HSC 70%
    BEIT 2011 from Mumbai university
    aggregate 57%
    Final year 62%
    Was a college topper of final year elective
    have done external project in mumbai based company
    will be having 7-8 months industry experience before going to US
    little extra-curricular activities
    decent LORs

    /*finally planning to apply following universities for fall 2013 MIS/information system/ITM whichever is there*/

    1.university of Illinois Chicago
    2.Texas arlington
    3.IIT Chicago
    4.Texas Tech
    6.george mason
    7.illinois springfield
    12.Oklahoma state university stillwater
    13.University of florida gainsville

  • Lal Amarjeet Singh

    Hi Jeetu,
    Done BE EXTC,2010,Mumbai University.Aggre-65%,GRE310/340,Toefl
    -105/120,AW-3,.Did one yr Diploma in Business Intelligence & Data Ware Housing-NIIT, Mumbai.At present working with an MNC, Mumbai ,
    Applying for MS in MIS Fall 2013, USA and by that time my experience
    will be 1-1/2 yrs.Please suggest at least 10 good Universities according to my PROFILE.Kindly avoid COLDER REGIONS Please.

  • Lal Amarjeet Singh

    Hi Once Again,
    Forgot to inform My GRE-Ver.-155 & Quant.-155.

  • soorya

    Yet to take Gre test and my details
    3)B.tech(2nd year)-7.89
    4)national tennis champion and won many tournaments
    5)yet to do projects and paper presentation
    6)college tennis team captain and brought many laurels
    7)sponsered player of the college as well as in School.

    Kindly let me know what are the things i need to do in order to make my profile to a high standard.
    I want to pursue MS in computer science in US.
    Universities that i have shortlisted
    1)Arizona State University
    2)Ohio State University
    3)california state University (either Fresno or Sacremanto)
    5)Washington state university,seattle

    Let me know the GRE score i need to get.

    Eagerly waiting for your response.

  • srinivaS

    hi sir,.
    my profile 10th=89,inter=95
    and cgpa=7.4
    gre in new pattern=295
    kindly help me which universities are sutable to me

  • vishal


    I got 305 in new gre is it a good score or should i retake gre to get into good university please suggest… I am planning to apply for these colleges for cs/mis..oaklohama sitlllwater, suny buffalo, university of floride, university of illinoi chicago and syracuse.. could you tell me the chances in these colleges.. And please suggest me some good colleges for my score. and is it possible to expect financial aid at this score as i have some problem financially. tnx a lot in advance.

  • Pranav

    My gre score is 1370 (780q+590v) and Toefl 82. AWA : 3.0
    B.tech (EEE, 2007-11) : 73.05
    12th : 76
    10th : 87.8
    I did my internship from NTNU, Norway
    Currently I am working in Infosys since 8 Aug 2011 (1 year) as software engineer
    Now, I am applying for Ms (spring 2013 as well as fall 2013) in Electrical. So kindly suggest me some decent universities where I can get scholarships, assistantships, etc. Someone referred me universities —for spring
    Univ of Alabama Huntsville and
    Syracuse university
    —for fall
    Auburn Unviersiy
    State univ of New York Buffalo
    Rochester Institute of tech
    Unv of Houston Main Campus

    Please suggest what to do.
    Also give me feedback regarding Univ of Alabama Huntsville and other universities

  • anjali

    Hi sir,

    plz suggest some universities for cs based on my profile

    GRE -303
    Toefl -81

    Thank u in advance

  • uday

    My gre 314, q-165,v-149,awa-4, 77.55% electrical engineering.
    12th-83%,10-86%…can u suggest universities for spring 2013.

    What are my chances in
    Arizona state university, auburn univ, Kansas state univ,
    Univ of Colorado-boulder.
    Thanks in advance

  • nisha

    hi sir,
    My gre score is 1260 (730q+530v) and
    Toefl :82
    B.E (ENTC) : 55% pune
    12th : 73%
    10th : 80%
    i am planning to do MS in telecommunication in the US…
    plz plz suggest me some good universities i can get admission to..

  • sneha

    I have got a score of 1430 in gre.. with 752 in quants and 677 in verbal…
    My TOEFL score is 95… and I am pursuing final year mech engg in NIT trichy and have a very good resume. But my cgpa is low and i have a history of supplies though i have cleared all of them now. My cgpa is 6.12
    Please tell me if I’ll be able to get any of the top collleges and with funding… Hoping to get your reply soon…

  • shreyas

    applying for fall 2013 .. GRE:300 ( Q:159 V:141);
    10th 81% .. +2: 80% .. finishing b.tech in 2013 : 60% (JNTU affiliated college)
    Arizona State University
    University of Arizona Tucson.
    Rutgers state univ Brunswick
    University of California Irvine..
    suggest me some universities for M.S in Computer Networks..
    suggest me safe universities
    Thank You πŸ™‚

  • sai

    Gre 1360 awa 2.5,toefl expecting 80 acads 75% suggest some university for MS in Chemical engineering..

  • Hi All,
    Applying For Fall-2013
    B.Tech:76.65(JNTU Affiliated College)
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist(70515,70513)
    Cleared INS-21
    2+ years work experience.
    1.University of Houston,Main Campus
    2.Ohio State University
    3.Texas Tech Lubbock
    4.University of California,Irvine
    5.San Jose State University
    6.University of Nebraska,Omaha

  • abhishek

    applying for fall 2013
    my gre score: 323 (Q:170 V:153)
    10th 82.4%
    12th 77.33%
    B.E from pune university (62.7%) in E&TC
    extra-curricular: represented indian robotics team in the ROBOCON 2010 after winning the national level competition.
    interested in embedded electronics
    applied for
    1. UCLA
    2. Gorgia tech
    3. NCSU
    4. UCSB
    suggest me more universities i can apply and also i would like to know my chances in above 4.

  • Parth

    Hi All,

    I have gre score of 1110 (V: 400 Q: 710) and yet to give TOEFL…
    I have completed my BE in Electronics and Telecom from Mumbai Univ with 56.79 % in academics and had 8 backlogs during academic career….
    Since 1 year I am working in an IT MNC…Hope this work experience helps..

    Please suggest me universities as per my score and work experience…
    Will i be able to get in any university for CS course.. or should i go for Electronics..or for MIS…

    Thanks in advance .. πŸ™‚

  • anusha

    Hi all,
    Applying for fall 2013
    B.Tech EEE-JNTK afflicted-66%
    Please send me specilisations of EEE and U.S colleges based on my profile

  • Akhila

    B.Tech, EEE-66%
    I want to pursue masters in electrical engineering.Can you suggest me US universities which matches my profile.I am looking for fall 2013.
    I’m considering payment fees with scholarships & Education loan.

  • Prakhar Joshi

    10th- 87.2%
    12th- 64%
    B.tech (CSE) in 2012- 6.44 cgpa
    GRE- 313/340
    TOEFL- 112/120
    I want to pursue MS in computer science dept. for Fall 2013. please suggest relevant top universities to me, as per my profile. I have thought about:
    University of California, Davis
    University of Marylands, College Park
    University of Rochester
    Pennsylvania State University
    San Jose university
    Illinios institute of technology

    Please suggest further

  • Niranjan

    I have secured a GRE Score of 312/340…
    Q- 156…
    I am looking for MS in Computer Science / Engineering
    1 Journal Publication and 1 IEEE publication
    I also won a Project contest at IBM. One of the best students in my college.
    My SOP and Resume are good…
    I am currently shortlisting Universities my universities are
    1.University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill
    2.University of Tennessee Knoxville
    3.University of Miami Florida
    4.University of Texas Arlington
    5.SUNY Stony Brook
    6.Arizona State Univ
    7.Oregon State
    8.University of Southern California
    9.Colorado school of Mines
    10.University of Iowa
    Rate my universities….
    Also tell me if I must be applying to some other universities.

  • chinni

    hii..please suggest me some universities for ms in computer science based on my scores..i have secured gre:290(q:156+v 134)awa 2

  • ANIL

    GRE-294 (Quant-151,Verbal-143,AWA-2.5)
    TOEFL-yet to give,
    UG-60%(with 2 backlogs)passedout in 2012.
    I want to pursue Masters in Computer Science in USA,and my background is Electronics..I’m applying for Fall’13

  • Anonymous


    I am a final year B.des, from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.
    Applied to PhD in Social Psychology.
    GRE: V144 Q164 AWA 3.5 (Really Terrible)
    TOEFL: R23 L25 S26 W29 (103/120) (Bad)
    GPA: 7.89/10
    2 months Industrial Experience in IT (Usability and User Experience)
    2 months research experience in Psychology
    6 conference papers (All international and published in Springer, IEEE and ACM)

    please help me with some choices :-/

    Thanks in advance.

  • Aadithya

    Sir this is aadithya from chennai I’ve completed BE(MEC) 6.3 gpa GRE 304 and TOEFL 104. Did two projects in college and got the best project award for my final year project . Currently working as a research assistant in a R&D project at HAL. I have applied for MS in material science .
    I’ve applied to the following colleges
    University of Texas Arlington
    University of Texas Dallas
    University of Houston
    San Jose state university
    University of central Florida
    University Of southern Florida
    Wayne state university
    What are my chances Of getting an admit in them . If my selection is wrong can you please suggest universities that will match my profile .

  • Vishal

    Hello Admin,
    Please Help me out,
    My GRE score 137 V, 154 Q,
    IELTS 6.0
    Agrgt: 53 PU
    Won 2 national robotics event, Robocon team leader
    18 months experience

    wanna apply for MS ME,
    Please send me appropriate university,

  • shivaprasad

    Hello sir, I am shiva prasad kalla from hyderabad,india . I am in 4th yr BTECH(computer science). I am planning for masters in Computer science(fall 2013). sir, i have few doubts about masters..please kindly clear them .
    1) Is Florida International Univ’s masters in computer science degree valuable? actually,some people here r saying few words like FIU is low level college,faculty doesn’t know much,students r rude and FIU charges more with Fees… is it real madam? actually, i am an above average student and need internship and job after my MS. so, is FIU correct for me?
    2) How are the placements after MS in FIU for CS ? can i get a good job after my MS?
    3) can i get a part-time job easily in FIU?
    Please kindly clear my doubts sir, needed information urgently as deadline is approaching

  • Yashita Goyal

    Greetings for the day !!!
    Can you please suggest me some univ. fulfilling my profile.
    My profile goes like this:-
    10th – 66%
    Diploma in Electronics – 71%
    B-tech in Computer Sci – 79% (collg. topper 80%)
    Work Ex. – 2yrs (Cognizant Tech. Solutions as a Java Developer)
    GRE – 290
    TOEFL – 71
    And my future plan is to pursue MS in Computer Science in Jan-14 session.
    I know my score is not that much great and also not willing to take exams again.
    Please help!!!

    Anticipating your reply.

    Yashita Goyal

  • Yashita Goyal

    Greetings for the day !!!

    Can you please guide me for US university selection.

    My profile goes like this:-
    10th – 66%
    Diploma in Electronics – 71%
    B-tech in Computer Sci – 79% (collg. topper 80%)
    Work Ex. – 2yrs (Cognizant Tech. Solutions as a Java Developer)
    GRE – 290
    TOEFL – 71

    And my future plan is to pursue MS in Computer Science in Jan-14 session.
    I know my score is not that much great and also not willing to take exams again.

    Anticipating reply.


    • admin

      Here is a helpful tool developed by university of texas- el paso, plug in ur details, it will give u list of universities


      • it is the link for cs..can u tell me the link for electronics and communication UG

  • kaveri

    Hi plz suggest some safe universities

    gre :280/340
    ielts :6.5
    btech acads :60% (12 backlogs)
    12th acads :83%

  • raja

    i’ve gre 950(630+320+1.5) ielts (7+7+5.5+5.5) ug 7.91 and i want to do computer science CS
    suggest me few universities for my profile

  • saiketan

    hi my gre is 285 and ielts is 6.5
    academics is 74% from ECE
    applying for north west missouri state university
    please help me hw is the visa rating and can i get admit into that university
    i am from ECE applying for CS so that would become any problem during my visa

  • srikanth

    my gre score- 302(q-160,v-142,awa-3)
    BE electronics and communications acads- 9.24/10
    strong LOR ans SOP,
    one Paper presentation in international conference, work shops etc
    suggest me top universities for ms in us where i can get admissions

  • srikanth

    i also have a co-diploma in power electronic apart from B.E with CGPA 9.12

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