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University Deadlines for Fall Admission

These are general application deadlines for Fall Admission. The Department Deadlines may be different usually earlier than than the general deadlines. For Financial Aid Consideration, apply well in advance say before january.

1.University of California –San Francisco-CA
2.Duke University-NC

1.University of California-Santa Barbara –CA
2.Harvard University-MA.
3.John Hopkins University-MD.
4.University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill- NC.
5.Dartmouth College –NH
6.University of Vermont- VT.
7.University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee-WI.
8.Brown University-RI
9.Yale University-CT
10.Princeton University
11.Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University-VA.
12.Texas Tech University-TX
13.Syracuse University-NY.
25.Cornell University-NY.
26.University of California-Irvine-CA
27.University of California-Davis –CA
28.University of California-Los Angeles-CA
29.California Institute of Technology –CA
30.Northwestern University-IL
31.Massachusetts Institute of Technology –MA
32.University of Maine-ME
33.Lehigh University-PA
34.University of Florida-FL
35.University of Georgia –GA

1.University of Southern California-CA
2.University of California-Santa Cruz-CA
3.University of Colorado-Boulder-CO
4.University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign-IL
5.University of Notre Dame-IN
6.Tulane University –LA
7.University of Massachusetts-Amherst-MA
8.University of Maryland-College Park-MD
9.University of Michigan-Ann Arbor –MI
10.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-NY
11.Suny College of Environment Science & Forestry-NY
12.University of Rochester-NY
13.State University of New York-Stony Brook-NY
14.Pennsylvania State University – University Park-PA
15.Carnegie Mellon University-PA
16.Rice University –TX
17.Brigham Young University-UT
18.Tufts University –MA
19.Northeastern University-MA
20.University of New Hampshire-NH
21.Columbia University-NY
22.Old Dominion University-VA
1.George Washington University-DC
2.Florida State University-FL
3.Kansas State University-KS
4.University of Neveda-Reno-NV
5.University of Cincinnati-OH
6.Case Western Reserve University-OH
7.University of Toledo-OH
8.Oklahoma State University-OK
9.Oregon State University-OR
10.University of South Carolina-SC
11.Taxes A&M University-College Station-TX
12.University of North Dakota-ND
13.North Dakota State University-ND
14.University of Wisconsin-Madison

1.Colorado State University-CO
2.Howard University-DC
3.Florida International University-FL
4.University of Louisville-KY
5.Boston University-MA
6.University of Mississippi-MS
7.University of Akron-OH
8.Cuny-City College


1.Georgia Institute of Technology-GA
2.Indiana University, Purdue University-Indiana Polis
3.University of Houston-Houston-TX
4.University of Utah-UT
5.Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge-LA
6.Clarkson University-NY
7.Southern Illinois University-Carbondale-IL
8.Tennessee Technological University-TN


1.Santa Clara University-CA
2.Universityof Connecticut-Storrs-CT
3.University of South Florida-FL
4.University of Hawaii-Manoa-HI
5.Illinois Institute of Technology-IL
6.University of Kansas-KS
7.Ohio University-Athens-OH
8.University of Arizona-Tuckson-AZ
9.University of Illinois-Chicago-IL
10.Portland State University-OR
11.University of Pennsylvania-PA
12.New Jersey Institute of Technology-NJ
13.University of Minnesota-Twin Cities-MN
14.Montana State University-MT
15.Clemson University-SC
16.South Dakota State University-SD
17.University of Texas-Arlington-TX
18.North Carolina State University-Raleigh-NC
19.University of New Mexico-NM


1.University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa-AL
2.University of Idaho-ID
3.Idaho State University-ID
4.Western Michigan University-MI
5.University of Missouri-Rolla-MO
6.Mississippi State University-MS
7.University of North Carolina-Charlotte-NC
8.Rutgers, State University-New Brunswick-NJ
9.New Mexico State University-NM
10.University of Texas-EL Paso-TX
11.Southern Methodist University-TX
12.University of Washington-Seattle-WA
13.University of Delaware-DE
14.University of New Orleans-LA
15.University of Maryland-Baltimore County-MD
16.University of Alabama-Birmingham-AL
17.Michigan State University-MI
18.Catholic University of America-DC
19.University of Central Florida-FH
20.University of Iowa-IA
21.Oakland University-MI
22.University of Oklahoma-OK
23.University of Rhode Island-RI


1.University of Alaska-Fairbanks-AK
2.Wayne State University-MI
3.University of Missouri-Columbia-MO
4.New Mexico Institute of Mining &Technology-NM
5.University of Dayton-OH
6.University of Pittsburg-PA
7.University of Taxas-Dallas-TX
8.University of Alabama-Huntsville-AL
9.Auburn University-AL
10.South Dakota School of Mines&Technology-SD
11.Ohio State University-OH
12.Drexel University-PA


It means that an International Applicant should send the application at least 4-6
months prior to starting of the semester.

1.University of Arkansas- Fayetteville-AR
2.Arizona State University-Tempe-AZ
3.Colofado School of Mines-CO
4.Florida Institute of Technology-Fl
5.Florida Atlantic University-FL
6.University of Maini-FL
7.Iowa State University-IA
8. Purdue University-West Lafayette-IN
9.Wichita State University-KS
10.University of Massachusetts-Lowell-MA
11.Michigan Technological University-MI
12.University of Nebraska-Lincoln-NE
13.Stevens Institute of Technology-NJ
14.New York State College of Ceramic at Alfred University-NY
15.Polytechnic University-NY
16.Wright State University-OH
17.University of Tulsa-OK
18.Oregon Graduate Institute of Science& Tech.-Beaverton
19.University of Tennessee-Knoxville
20.University of Texas-Austin
21.George Mason University-VA
22.Marquette University-WI

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  • Blacky

    >I have not taken my GRE exam. what is the possibility that i will be able to make to the university with deadlines in Jan if I take the exam in Oct.

  • jitu99

    >if you are planning to take the exam in oct its too late for jan, most universities deadlines are before oct, by the time ur scores come it will already be november, there are some univs which give I20 in 10 days……npu.edu is one such university, then there is tvu,stratford,itu etc……..

  • Blacky

    >but the information under applications tab says duration of taking exam is August to November. I want to apply for fall 2011. can i have any chance of making into good universities if i take exam in Oct?

  • jitu99

    >if you are writing your exam in october and applying for fall then you have good chance of getting in a good university

  • Anonymous

    >can i get a list of all safe colleges that are mentioned above which are having deadlines in or after march.

  • avinash

    i got gre940(verbal350quant590) I applied for MS chemistry to governors state university,sacredheart university and fairleigh dickinson universities.can iget the admission in any one of it.

    please give me reply very soon.


    • admin

      all these universities are below average universities so you should get admission

  • Aalok

    I am going to give Toefl in November end an I already have given Gre exam. . Will I be considered for scholarships if I send application in January 1st week or so.

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